Water pump Warman® DWU


water, oil, grease
Other characteristics
mechanical, lubricated


The Warman® DWU pump is specifically designed to handle dirty water from onsite water sources such as ponds and open pits with specific gravity (SG) of up to 1.05. Designed using proven Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Weir Minerals’ advanced material technology, the Warman® DWU pump processes fluid efficiently and minimises the need for pump maintenance when compared to other pumps in the same application.

‘Dirty water’ is the name given to water with too high a percentage of suspended solids to be ‘clean’, but too low of a percentage to be classed as slurry.

Key Features/Benefits

New compact design using 90% common parts which are interchangeable with the mechanical end of the Warman® WBH® pump
The one-piece frame aids the correct alignment of bearings, seals and impeller
External cooling fans to dissipate heat, thus keeping the bearings cool
Impeller release collar to ease impeller removal (larger models)
Hydraulic design using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Components designed and verified using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
Double volute design to reduce radial loads, and thrust reduction impeller design to reduce axial thrust loads, thus enhancing bearing life
Maximum casing pressure of 7000kPa, ideally suited for series pumping
Suction flanges designed to fit standard BS4504, 40 bar flanges
Discharge flanges designed to fit standard BS4504, 64 bar flanges
High chrome iron impeller and side liners to improve wear life
4 discharge orientations for ease of adjustment to accommodate pipeline layouts
Optional Features
Optional oil or grease lubrication at lower speeds
Pump shaft sealing options; packaging, mechanical, expeller