Water pump QB-TB


water, air
gasoline engine
irrigation, service, control
Other characteristics
small, portable, medium-sized

Min.: 0 l/h (0 us gal/h)

Max.: 3.5 l/h (0.9246 us gal/h)


Portable Forest Fire Pump
Fire Pump

Product overview
The portable forest fire pump is a special fire fighting product developed by the Company based on market demands. It is suitable for fire extinguishing by long-distance water delivery in forest fire fighting, also for fire extinguishing of small and medium-sized towns, rural areas, forest zones, factories and mines, etc. where the fire truck can’t go deep into the hot spot in time, as well as for grassland fire control and garden irrigation. The product makes full use of the Company’s speciality in fluid machinery, especially in the field of water pump technology, to develop a new generation of ultra-light pumps combining with the features of forest fire extinguishing.

The forest fire pump developed on the basis of multiple technologies not only breaks the technological barriers of products in the field, but also combines with the actual situation of forest fire extinguishing in the world, so that the technical parameters of the product itself are greatly improved. At the same time, the Company’s after-sales service system is made full use of to provide customers with timely and all-round technical support and service assurance. It has obtained 4 national patents and passed the inspection and certification of China National Fire-fighting Equipment Quality Supervision Testing Center.

System composition
It mainly consists of gasoline engine, fire pump body and support bracket, etc. The main components include the starter, carburetor, air cleaner, silencer, water pump and circuit board, etc.