Wastewater pump EL series


for wastewater, slurry
progressive cavity
for wastewater treatment
Other characteristics
compact, high-efficiency

330 m³/h (11,653.84002 ft³/h)


6 bar (87.023 psi)


Progressive Cavity Pumps: E-, EL- and D-series
Designed for most demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping, Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps are ideal for challenging applications with high viscous, corrosive and other difficult or sensitive media. Flowrox PC pumps are divided into three series. E-series is ideal for industrial and paste pumping applications. EL-series PC pumps excel in demanding wastewater and municipal waste applications. D-series progressive cavity pumps are designed especially for chemical and flocculant dosing applications.

E-series PC pump: industrial slurry & paste pumping
To withstand pumping of highly viscous, corrosive and other difficult or sensitive media, E-series of Flowrox PC pump is rigid and tight. The progressive cavity pump incorporates precise 2/3-lobe elliptic rotor and spiral stator technology. Robust pumping unit enables 10 bar pressure per stage and excellent efficiency. There are eight different sizes available: E2, E4, E10, E20, E35, E70, E150 and E250, all with optional chassis.

Flowrox E-series PC pump ensures:

Easy installation, fluent operation and quick maintenance
High pumping efficiency
Low lifecycle costs
High pressure

EL-series PC pump: environmental applications
The EL-series PC pump is ideal for demanding water, wastewater and municipal waste applications. It includes maintenance hatches in suction pipe so it is easy to remove any clogged substances. The EL-series progressive cavity pump performs best in low pressure applications with high flow rates, typical for environmental applications. Four different sizes are available: EL50, EL100, EL200 and EL330, all with optional chassis.