Submersible pump 80ZJQ50-30-11


water, slurry
Other characteristics
compact, high-efficiency


ZJQ Series Waste Water Centrifugal Submersible Pump, Pond Pump, Garden Pump is made up of motor and pump, which are separated through oil isolation room and mechanical seal, it is short in length that motor and pump share the same axle (rotor), the structure is compact.

Structure Features
1. Signal line: For motor power above 11kw, we suggest pump equipped with control box, which would protect the pump fully from leakage, phase reversal, short circuit, overheated, overload, etc.
2. Motor stator: Its insulation is B grade or F grade.
3. Water leakage probe. This component is installed in the oil room, if the mechanical seal was damaged, and water enters into the oil room, it will send out the signal to the control system so as to stop the pump.
4. Mechanical seal: Adopting in-series seal, the material is the wear-resisting carbonization tungsten, featuring being reliable, wear-resisting, longer life, etc.
5. Impeller: Have better handling capacity, can reduce the trouble of jamming and twisting of big fiber rubbish, etc.
6. Pump body: Harmonize with impeller, ensure the pump has high efficiency.
7. Seal rings: Installed at the mouth place of pump body, can change the sealed ring after long time operating, so as to ensure the pump runs with the best efficiency.