Progressive cavity pump NEMO® BY


for wastewater, for chemicals, slurry, for food products, oil, fuel, for biogas
with electric motor
progressive cavity
for the mining industry, industrial, for methanizers, for the chemical industry, for wastewater treatment, for the food industry, for the petrochemical industry, agriculture, for the pharmaceutical industry, for maritime applications, for hygienic applications, for the paper industry, for the cosmetics industry
discharge, transfer, high-pressure, metering, high-temperature, process, for high-temperature applications, drain, filling, chemical process, for high-pressure applications, for industrial applications, conveying, suction
Fluid specification
for abrasive fluids, for viscous fluids, for high-viscosity fluids, for low-viscosity fluids, for solids-laden fluids
stationary, mobile
Other characteristics
compact, with mechanical seals, close-coupled

Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

Max.: 300 m³/h (10,594.40002 ft³/h)


8 bar, 12 bar, 24 bar (116.03 psi)


NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pump in Industrial Design
The Solution to Convey and Accurately Dose a Wide Range of Media in Various Industries
The BY block pump in industrial design can be used in , the and , but also in the as well as the

sector for a wide variety of pressure-stable conveying or dosing tasks.

From low-viscosity media to hardly flowing products, with or without solid content, shear-sensitive, sticky or abrasive, with the NEMO® BY progressing cavity pump even difficult substances can be conveyed gently and with low pulsation, regardless of fluctuations in pressure and viscosity. In addition, the progressing cavity pump guarantees flow rates proportional to speed with high dosing accuracy over the entire speed range. In block design with flanged drive, this NEMO® pump is especially compact and economical. Moreover, the NEMO® BY is distinguished by its low investment, operating and maintenance costs. Four
are available for the various products and applications.

1 Rotor
In wear- and corrosion-resistant designs including the wear-free ceramic rotor


2 Stator
Vulcanized into the tube with sealing on both sides in a variety of elastomers, plastics and metals.

inlet with hopper-shaped opening for improved feed of the product into the conveying chamber.

2.2. Stator with iFD technology
consists of a two-part reusable housing with a polygonal profile and the NEMOLAST® elastomer housed within. The advantages of this new technology include a lower breakaway torque, higher efficiency, increased service life, simple and quick replacement, and environmentally friendly.