External-gear pump KFF 2.5…630


oil, diesel fuel
industrial, for the petrochemical industry, for marine applications
transfer, process, feed, filling, conveying, for power stations, for pumping stations

Max.: 713 l/min (188.35467 us gal/min)

Min.: 1.8 l/min (0.47551 us gal/min)


Max.: 25 bar (362.594 psi)

Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

Fluid temperature

Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)

Min.: -10 °C (14 °F)


The Type KF-F transfer pumps were developed specifically for use with fuels, especially for marine fuels.

These need to be critically considered, especially regarding the lubricity. And above all, those with low sulphur. Diesel fuels (MGO/DMA) exhibit low lubricity, which cannot be determined through the viscosity. Special methods are available for deter mining the
tribological properties.

The HFRR test acc ISO 12156 is a recognised method for measuring the lubricity of diesel fuels. The characteristic value determined using this method is referred to as Wear Scar Diameter (WSD) and increases with decreasing lubricity. This characteristic value is stated by the fuel manufacturers and can be included when assessing the stability of components. The KF-F fuel pumps are durable up to a WSD value of 520 µm, which is the minimum lubricity of MGO and DMA according to ISO 8217. Furthermore, the pumps exhibit extremely good efficiency, especially at high speeds.

The KF-F pumps can be used without restrictions for pumping fuels with low sulphur content, MGO/DMA (gas oil) acc ISO 8217.